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Hi, I'm June, living in beautiful, sexy Munich and I am not the kind of typical chick :P

I´m young and always horny I think SEX needs to be for sure satisfying and fun. This is one big thing I love the most about doing Porn, it´s still great fun to seduce some horney guy while camera is on, showing up and share this one special moment with you.

I hope we´ll have a lot of fun together. And if you want to know more about me just drop me a line I won´t bite, I rather suck gently.

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Finally Summer, hope you enjoy it too!
 Posted on May 28, 2017

I´ve been out today for a sunbath here´s a pic of me enjoying it, I´d love to recieve one of you sunbathing yeah looking forward to it!


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en bisexual

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Seduced for SEX!!

Crap and I thought he was not taken just as he had told me. Flam-Bastard after our hot shag his mobile phone rang uninterrupted freaking me out, countless messages and calls and then he just left, I don´t know whether I would see him again.

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Show-offy - here´s the proof!!

What an annoying guy my friend, he did not want to believe me that I am doing porn now and mentioned I was much to shy for this and that I would not get naked for him holding that camera, whether he won the bet???

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50 Shades of JUNE

Hehee really now after I´ve been watching this similar called movie for the tenthousandth time, I also felt ready for this crazy kind of unrestrained sex, I find it´s each time hoter watching myself doing so over and over again...

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My sweet little cooter!

Thats how an acquaintance called my pussy recently. I found this really sexy and funny now I´ve proper worked out said so "cooter" once again just for you guys out there I hope I turn you really on with this.

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100% amateur sex

This is great, relatively spontaneous sex (apart from the comunication before dating) with lots of passion and cream and when I say cream, I mean it that way, lot of fun with it ;)

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4 fit inside.

Before you question, here is the proof and these are 4 baby fingers :-P

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